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Rodovia Interoceânica: da Amazônia ao Pacífico


This work takes a deep dive into the construction of the Interoceanic Highway, a bold undertaking that connects Brazil to the Pacific Ocean through Peruvian territory.


The documentary offers a close look at the expectations of the local communities residing in the areas surrounding the highway. Their voices resonate amidst construction sites and engineering advances. Residents envision economic opportunities and increased accessibility, dreaming of a more prosperous future. However, they also express concerns about the possibility of abrupt social changes and the impact on their ancestral traditions.

  • Year: 2009
  • Duration: 31 minutes
  • Producers: Palma Produções
  • Rating: ALL AGES


The documentary "Interoceanic Highway: From the Amazon to the Pacific" was produced in 2009, directed by Emanuela Palma, Laelho Barroso, and Simone Norberto. The project stemmed from the need to address the integration between two countries that historically lived in isolation despite being geographically connected. The realization of this documentary became possible through the journalistic research grant from the Avina Foundation.

The Avina Foundation is a global organization that promotes system-changing processes. We generate impact from the Global South, collaboratively, in pursuit of human dignity and planet care.

From its inception, the project of this highway aimed for much more than connecting two distant regions. It was a symbol of economic, touristic, and social integration between neighboring countries, promising to facilitate the flow of goods, people, and ideas.

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The interviewees, including engineers, local residents, environmentalists, and community leaders, provide perspectives that enrich the documentary's narrative. As the testimonies interweave, the film takes us on a journey that goes beyond machines and concrete structures, exploring the tourist and economic potential while addressing the complexities of this massive undertaking.


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