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Emily Souza • Psychiatrist

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Emily Souza • Psychiatrist

Understanding the complexity of the human psyche has been a dream that Emily Souza has nurtured since a young age, and this is reflected in the psychiatrist she has become. Throughout her journey, she felt the need to develop more human-centered care methods, dismantling stigmas and prejudices surrounding mental health.

The challenge was to build a brand with a creative, joyful, and authentic language that represented the essence and relevance of the work of a psychiatrist committed to the dignity and quality of life of her patients, focusing on the balance between body, mind, and soul.


In exploring the universe of Emily Souza, we identified a professional who sees the field of mental health as a life mission, which already sets her apart in the market. We researched references aligned with her purpose and understood that the Emily Souza brand deserves the authenticity, lightness, and enthusiasm that the professional brings to her work as a psychiatrist.

She proposes innovation in clinical practice, and we bring this purpose into the visual and verbal narrative in building the brand. Every aspect of the branding strategy for Emily Souza seeks to transcend conventional boundaries, challenging a new approach to mental health.

Emily Souza is a brand that invites individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery, balance, and transformation.


Emily Souza's proposal to approach mental health with a more humanized perspective towards patients, seeking to deconstruct the stigma surrounding mental health, aligned with her lifestyle, guided the conception and creation of the brand.

Her values, both as a professional and as a human being, inspired the path towards MINIMALISM and the development of a proposal that reflects EMPATHY, JOY, SIMPLICITY, LIGHTNESS, and CONFIDENCE, all of which express her position in the field of mental health.


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